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Soma GenPower is a solar energy and generator set company with more than 50 years of experience and a clear objective: “To provide a personalized solution adapted to the energy needs of our clients”.


At Gen Power energy solutions, we are committed to:

Autoconsumo solar Lleida

solar photovoltaic

Electrificación aislada lleida
isolated electrification

No connection to electrical network

energías renovables Lleida
Generating sets

continuous supply

Why choose us?

Speed and solution

The agility in the management and the rapid resolution of incidents are our maximum to maintain trust

Quality at the best price

We are committed to high quality and all our products are subjected to optical, mechanical and electrical inspection


We have extensive experience in the energy sector and always guarantee professional advice

Personalized attention

We will always know the situation of your company and we will offer you tailor-made advice


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