Installation type

Direct photovoltaic solar pumping or irrigation (without batteries).


La Noguera (Lleida)

Start up

June 2024

Photovoltaic solar pumping


The applications of renewable energies, specifically, photovoltaic solar energy, are increasingly possible in any use that is intended or imagined.
In previous installations we have seen its application directly, that is, without battery accumulation, in what are the ventilation systems in beef farms, using the electrical production generated by the isolated photovoltaic solar installation, through the panels and a frequency converter, designed for this purpose. Today, this application of photovoltaic solar production facilities in the agroindustrial sector is no longer new, because it has been applied very successfully for a long time, so that an improvement in the living conditions of livestock has been achieved, improving so does your productivity.


In the case at hand, we cannot say that it is new. Photovoltaic solar irrigation or pumping is the order of the day, and has solved one of the big problems that irrigation historically had, which is the fact that a lot of energy is used, but not all year round, so with solar systems For pumping, we have more energy resources when it is needed most, and in times of no consumption or very low consumption, we have little sun, so we are already doing well.


Direct photovoltaic solar pumping or irrigation is a key technology to make our field much more competitive, since it is an installation that will pay for itself in a short time, and its useful life, if the minimum maintenance details are taken, is very long, which will provide us with an indispensable resource, at a very, very low price, now, of course, if there is no sun there is no water, so generally either accumulation ponds are used, with which later It will be watered by natural pressure, or if you need to water no matter what and you do not have the necessary elevation for a pond, the support generator set will be your best ally. Although intended to operate little, it will be necessary to cover moments of lack of solar resources.


Although its implementation is positive at any latitude and geographical point, in Lleida, Huesca, Tarragona, Zaragoza, etc., it is especially advisable, due to the quality and quantity of solar resources that we have available, and due to the fact that in summer the irrigation, since with seasonal rains, it is not enough for an area as eminently agricultural as these areas of Catalonia and Aragon. Our activity in this sector focuses on these two areas, and the truth is that with extraordinary results.


In Lleida, especially, with the construction of the Segarra-Garrigues canal, these direct photovoltaic solar pumping or irrigation installations have been very successful, since they have allowed pumping or irrigation with very low energy costs, which has greatly enhanced and energized the sector in this area.

Installation elements


    • Solar panels
    • Support and fixing structures, generally made of concrete at 18º
    • Frequency converter (depending on power of the pump or pumps)
    • Solar irradiance sensor (so that the pumps work only when they have sufficient photovoltaic resource).
    • Electric protections
    • Pumps and filtration and control systems.


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