Installation type

ESS autoconsumo solar fotovoltaico conectado a red con acumulación


Collserola (Barcelona)

Start up

Mayo 2023



It is a large house, with high electricity consumption due to the sophisticated and abundant internet connection systems, since its owners always work from home; For this, a high-density Lithium storage system was proposed, and neither more nor less than a 15 kVA inverter from the prestigious Victron brand, as well as all the rest of the solar collection equipment. Why such an expensive system, if what you want is to save?… well, it is true that significant savings are achieved in an ESS, but the economic issue alone may not justify the investment, the fact is that with A photovoltaic solar self-consumption system with storage such as the ESS, above all, provides us with great security of supply, since with its implementation we will have acquired a UPS system with large capacities and duration, which other systems cannot give us without going through ” 0″, in this way, not only do we save on the electricity bill, but we are sure that whatever happens we will be covered against unwanted cuts that can waste working hours, or cause real nuisance in homes every more and more domotized, which need a more than reliable electricity supply.


For this reason, the owners of this installation were very clear from the beginning about what they wanted, an ESS solar photovoltaic self-consumption system with storage, and the peace of mind of knowing that they have a guaranteed supply in their daily work.


Installation elements


  • 26 460Wp solar panels
  • 2 250/85 MPPT regulators
  • 1 MPPT 150/35 controller
  • Victron Quattro 15,000 VA 48V inverter/charger
  • 15.4 kW BYD Lithium Battery
  • Advanced monitoring system: Cerbo GX + Touch 50 GX screen
  • Electrical and surge protection equipment.


At Soma Gen Power we are technical service and distributors of Victron

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