Installation of solar panels

instalación de placas solares

At GenPower we work exhaustively in solar energy. We have been working on the installation of solar panels for years.

The solar panels are the main component in a photovoltaic installation, installed outdoors with plenty of sun, they are subjected to rigorous atmospheric variations and are still capable of generating energy for decades.


For all this, in our company, we meticulously and rigorously select the photovoltaic panels to be installed, controlling their quality and operating parameters, so that you can find the one you need for your installation, be it for self-consumption, nautical or caravanig, for connection to the network or isolated, with mono or polycrystalline photovoltaic cells, at 12V or 24V etc. At Soma-Genpower, we work with manufacturers of proven quality to offer you the most efficient solar capture and durability with the least degradation over the years.

Manufacturers we work with:

instalación de placas solares
instalación de placas solares
instalación de placas solares

The installation of solar panels has several applications. The best known may be the large photovoltaic parks that feed their production into the electricity grid. But in addition, there are other applications that benefit individuals and small businesses:


photovoltaic solar self-consumption for private and small homes companies

solar irrigation, water for livestock or for human consumption or direct solar pumping, through photovoltaic solar pumps

isolated power from electrical networks, an application in which we are specialized

photovoltaic power supply for electric cars

– and many more


At GenPower we are specialized in solar energy installations in Lleida. If you are interested in knowing some of the photovoltaic solar installations that we have carried out, visit our section Installations