Why choose us?

We are an expanding solar energy company in Lleida and generating sets that works to solve energy supply problems in isolated places in an efficient, profitable and ecological way, combining the most varied energy sources such as: generation by hydrocarbons (diesel or gasoline groups), photovoltaic, wind or mini-hydraulic.


And we have four main reasons for you to trust us to carry out your installation, repair, maintenance or study:

Speed in deliveries and in solving incidents

At SOMA-GENPOWER, a solar energy company in Lleida and generator sets, agility in management and quick resolution of incidents is key to maintaining trust and the level of I appreciate that our customers show us.

Optimal value for money

You buy high quality material because all SOMA-GENPOWER products and facilities are subjected to an optical, mechanical and electrical inspection. In addition, these items have extensive warranty periods.


Estás tranquilo pues  SOMA-GENPOWER has extensive experience in the energy sector. For this reason, the company guarantees professional advice at all levels.

Personalized attention

Your needs are covered since at SOMA-GENPOWER trust is the basis for satisfactory cooperation for both parties, both in the short and long term. In this way, our staff knows your specific situation, which allows us to offer you tailored advice.