Following the same business philosophy of being up-to-date and offering the best product at the most reasonable price, our facilities are made up of high-quality teams, always ensuring that they have official representation in our territory , and that they have the necessary supplies and spare parts affordable if needed, in order to give a prompt response to any problem or eventuality that may occur.

Over the years, the facilities have increased in size, until today with isolated facilities, which have a supply capacity of up to 300 kVA from a photovoltaic plant and batteries, which was unthinkable until a few years ago. . This increase has been due to three factors.

      • The first is the fact that more and more installs large-scale are installed in remote areas with difficult electrification, and demand the same services.


      • Secondly, the fact that technology has been improving, and allowing what until recently was utopia, is now a reality that has capable, robust and reliable teams to successfully undertake such companies.</ li>


      • And finally, a very important and decisive factor in the success of any company: lowering the cost of equipment, which means that today having an isolated installation of small, medium or large size, is already a profitable option in all senses.
Instalaciones grupos electrogenos

At SOMA-GENPOWER Electricity, we have installations throughout the national territory, as well as in some countries of West Africa and Latin America. All of them meet the highest standards of quality, reliability and efficiency.