Generator sets (Continuous Supply, emergency, power increase, support)

The generating sets, along with wind and hydraulic , are in the first instance those in charge of providing electricity in remote areas, far from the electricity grids, and even, currently in some countries, they are the main source of electricity generation even for the distribution networks.

There are many types of generating sets, but basically two are the most used: The smallest, generally gasoline, at 3,000 rpm; And those of diesel at 1,500 rpm that go from 5kVA to 2,000, 3,000 or more, used for larger supplies and whose use can be continued.

The applications that the genset has been given over time< /span>, are very varied:

        1. Emergency: are generating sets that are activated automatically when there is no electricity supply, and that, through a switch, feed the consumer, up to mains or grid power to be restored
        2. Automatic by external signal: They are perhaps the generating sets currently used, since they can be started from anywhere, through a free contact of power, and receive the signal from any device that they have to attend to: start by temperature (thermostat), by increase in power (potentiometer), by time programming, etc.
        3. Manual start: Generator sets for all types of applications that do not require automation, and that operate at will or punctual need.
        4. Continuous Supply: Generating sets for situations that require continuous use of energy, which can be direct or redundant.</li >

Today, in isolated facilities, it is essential to have generating sets, since, no matter how well the installation works in the use of renewable energies, nobody can guarantee it when the sun rises or the wind blows, and that is why a reliable source is needed power supply in adverse weather conditions. In this way, we will continue to enjoy the great advantages of renewable generation, having guaranteed supply at any time or situation.

SOMA-GENPOWER ELECTRICITY we are manufacturers of generating sets from many decades ago, so we know the equipment, its benefits and scope very well, and we can respond to any need that occurs, always with the guarantee of knowledge and experience that guarantee us.

Below you can see some of our facilities with generating sets.

Seville: Shopping center with a 300 kVA generator for emergency service, with network/group switching included in the automatic system.

Centre Penitenciari de Ponent: Penitentiary center with two emergency supply sub-systems, consisting of two generators that supply each of the parts, on a scheduled basis, starting with the most sensitive areas and every 5 seconds connecting the next

Laying farm (Castelldans): Emergency supply system and power increases in parallel to the network, to avoid cuts, by means of generators. Recently, a 100,000 Wh photovoltaic system has been installed in this complex. as self-consumption system.

Emergencia y aumento de potencia, centro comercial en Sevilla
Ctro. Penitenciario de Ponent
Granja de Ponedoras

ICG (Torrefarrera): Headquarters of a company dedicated to the production of specialized software for businesses and professionals. Due to the delicate nature of its supply, it consists of a UPS that acts as a mediator between the electrical network and the electrical generator, so that there is no interruption in the supply.

Indelesa: Industrial slaughterhouse with a 500 kVA Perkins generator for power increases and an emergency system for the entire facility. The entire installation is automated through a table that constantly analyzes the consumption to supply from one source or another depending on the power.

Nouackchott (Mauritania) : Hotel center in the center of the Mauritanian capital, whose frequent power outages make an emergency system essential to guarantee the supply of the complex. 300 kVA generator.

ICG. Software (Torrefarrera)
Nouackchott (Mauritania)

UDL: All the pavilions and facilities of the University of Lleida are protected against power outages, by means of generators of different powers, according to needs; there are a total of 9 generators of which Electricidad SOMA, S.A. It also carries out scheduled maintenance.

UDL (Campus)