Soma GenPower

GenPower is a family business that, throughout its more than 50 years of experience, has always maintained one objective: “To provide a personalized solution adapted to the energy needs of our customers”.


In our daily work, the customer is at its center, seeking day-to-day excellence, through continuous updating of our products and services, customizing solutions based on each consumer need.

GenPower Energía solar en Lleida

Our business mission is: Facilitate the generation of electricity itself in any place and situation. This mission is reflected both insituations isolated from the electrical network and for modern and efficient self-consumption systems connected to the network.


Among the values to highlight of GenPower, we can say that our decisions and actions are based on respect, honesty and consistency.

Respect for our social and environmental environment.

Sustainability and efficiency in the facilities, as well as respect for the environment where they will have to act, is an issue that we have always kept in mind and that has been reflected in our daily work.

Honesty with our clients, suppliers and collaborators.

This is vital to maintain and increase the links with our long-standing customers and collaborators and with new arrivals, so that; Together with a good product, it becomes the key to longevity and business dynamism.

Coherence in our daily work.

What is thought, what is said and what is done, form a final product, which, if consistent, has the added value of full customer satisfaction, and therefore their loyalty, to which we have always responded in kind.

Continuous training and incorporation of new technologies.

“Renew or die” says popular knowledge; and this is what we continually do, without forgetting who we are or where we come from, and above all, where we are headed, since in such a changing and technical world, it is essential to be up to date, in order to always offer the best service, along with the best of products.


SOMA GENPOWER. It is not a company dedicated to the chain manufacturing of electrical production systems; No, we are not a company: “pret a porter”, we are artisans, energy tailors who tailor a suit for our client, in which they feel comfortable and functional, also obtaining a high level of efficiency and energy savings. .

Excellence in work and careful customer service.

This does not need a cover letter, since it is the key to business success, and at SOMA GENPOWER we know this and we continually try to put it into practice, so that anyone can experience it firsthand.