We work in six main product areas. Click on each area for more information:

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Generating sets

We build, install and repair generator sets for any application. Quality, technology, innovation and after-sales service.


Solar Power

We meticulously select the photovoltaic panels to be installed, controlling their quality and operating parameters, so that you can find the ones you need.


Wind Power

Low power wind turbines are an optimal generation system, but they take advantage of a natural resource, so their installation must be backed by previous studies and verifications.



A good battery is essential for the operation of a facility. We will advise you on which is the best to meet your needs. We have a wide range.



Automations are basic in our work since they are the true heart and brain of the system. High degree of efficiency and comfort.


Inverters and Inverters/Chargers

The inverters and inverters/chargers are the elements that are responsible for the supply from batteries at 230V single-phase or (with 3 units) 400V three-phase.