The inverters and inverters/chargers are the elements that are responsible for the supply from batteries at 230V single-phase or (with 3 units) 400V three-phase.


In its Inverter/charger version, these also have the function of charging batteries from an external power source: mains electricity, generator, renewables, etc. In a fully automated way.


There are also the so-called grid inverters, which are devices that act as both a regulator and an inverter, having a direct current input from photovoltaic panels, and an output to supply or for normalized battery charging. at 230V.


The powers at which we work in isolation can vary greatly depending on whether one or several machines are placed in parallel or three-phase (3 units), in order to achieve large power quotas, from well-sized battery banks.


Minimum power: 180VA 12V, maximum power per machine: 10,000VA 48V.

Data and contact of the main manufacturer with which we work in isolation: