If the facilities, the quality of their equipment and detail of the finishes are important, their maintenance is crucial so that they have an ideal operation, provide a reliable service, and have the useful life for which each piece of equipment is calculated, in such a way that so that facilities are as efficient, reliable and profitable as possible.

Sometimes, there are clients who still associate the financial cost of maintenance with something superfluous, which can be saved; while (according to FEMHU studies) the savings generated by an installation with adequate maintenance exceeds 260% of the cost caused by it, not to mention the headaches that poor maintenance can cause us, because the Computers give problems when we need them the most, that is, the more they are used, what if they fail right now?…

A good maintenance consists of several factors:

      1. Quality materials specific to each team
      2. Expertise and knowledge of the equipment on the part of the technician, in order to see beyond what is strictly necessary do and be able to anticipate any possible immediate eventuality.
      3. Regularity of the maintenances; This regularity can be given by established fixed periods of time, or by hours worked. It is always the manufacturer that has to provide the guidelines for maintenance and the materials to use in it.
      4. Control and guarantee of good and reliable operation of the equipment and the assembly itself.

For clients who wish, we have a scheduled maintenance system for their equipment, so that they are always ready and in perfect condition for very high reliability, duration and correct energy efficiency on a day-to-day basis.