Generating sets

Since 1962 at Soma Gen Power we have been building, installing and repairing generating sets in Lleida and Huesca for any application.


Quality, technology, innovation and after-sales service have always been our motivations and each generator set is built with high-quality materials and rigorous technical control, following the guidelines of European safety regulations and giving our generators high reliability and high benefits.


The electrical panels of our generating sets in Lleida and Huesca are spacious, accessible and easy to read, guaranteeing maximum user protection and ease of use, and always adapting to the needs of each application.

Grupos electrogenos en Lleida

Diesel 1500rpm

Generating sets with diesel engines assembled with four-pole alternators. Electric start by starter motor and battery.

3000rpm Diesel groups

Single-phase and three-phase portable generator sets, with a diesel engine assembled with a two-pole single-support alternator, top brand.


With a natural gas and LPG engine, assembled with four-pole alternators.


Single-phase and three-phase portables, with a gasoline engine assembled with a top brand single-support two-pole alternator.