Tipo de instalación

Instalación de autoconsumo solar fotovoltaico residencial


La Bordeta (Segrià) Lleida

Puesta en marcha

Mayo 2024

Domestic and residential photovoltaic solar self-consumption, Self-consumption of photovoltaic solar energy in communities of owners


We have recently carried out several photovoltaic solar self-consumption installations in the Leridano de la Bordeta neighborhood, which, through the Vilanoveta Energy Community, requested to participate in this collective purchase of solar self-consumption installations, in order to get the most out of their installation, since the Vilanoveta CE opened a public tender, so that companies that wanted to could offer their technical-economic proposals, also offering a series of options, at a very competitive price.


The response from the partners has been good and, in a first call, about 12 photovoltaic solar self-consumption installations have been carried out, most of them directly, that is, without accumulation, and a couple of them with accumulation with Lithium batteries. .
This collective purchase of solar self-consumption installations has many benefits, among them we can mention:

– Greater negotiation capacity in price and conditions.
– Common scheduled maintenance and control systems.
– Agreed and documented technical assistance.
– Greater speed in the execution of works.
– Double guarantee of operation: installation company / CE Vilanoveta.


These collective purchases of solar self-consumption installations also provide other, less tangible benefits, such as strengthening the feeling of belonging and cooperation with your neighbors, sharing experiences and comparing operations, so that a positive synergy is created, which among all Participants are encouraged to encourage the rest to join the project in a subsequent collective purchase edition.


Installation elements

    • 550 Wp solar panels.
    • Single-phase inverters between 3 and 5 kW.
    • Remote control, monitoring and management systems.
    • 5 kW Lithium batteries (in some of them) .


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