Installation type

Photovoltaic solar self-consumption installation with solar purse


Urgell (Lleida)

Start up

June 2024

Domestic and residential photovoltaic solar self-consumption, Self-consumption of photovoltaic solar energy in communities of owners, Solar wallet


Although we have been in the renewable sector for many decades, with each passing day, something appears that we have never done before; which explains how dynamic this sector in which we find ourselves is. The installation that we present to you today is a photovoltaic solar self-consumption installation in Lleida that has the characteristic of sharing the production of the photovoltaic field installed in the residential house, with 4 other houses on the property, two of them are rural tourism houses. All this can be done thanks to the FENIE ENERGÍA solar wallet, which takes advantage of all the surplus production generated by the plant to share it with the rest of the consumption. It is an intelligent system for the distribution and consumption of electrical energy produced by a photovoltaic solar self-consumption installation, which will be able to supply several meters on the property; To do this, the installation of the photovoltaic solar field must be sized to the maximum possible, to generate the greatest possible amount of surplus and thus supply the entire set of consumption to the maximum.


When we talk about photovoltaic solar self-consumption with a solar purse, the limit that we generally encounter in the installation and sizing of the solar field is the availability of sufficient and quality surface; Although in Lleida and its surroundings, we have sun in quantity and quality, if we do not have enough space, we will not be able to cover everything we would like, especially if we only have one installation of plates to distribute among several uses.


Many photovoltaic solar self-consumption systems have been installed in Lleida in recent years, which has greatly favored K0 energy consumption, which is the most efficient, reasonable and sustainable energy consumption system, since transportation makes there many more losses and final consumption becomes more expensive.


Installation elements


    • 38 550Wp solar panels

    • 20 kW three-phase grid inverter

    • Installation control and monitoring systems.


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